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Mandela Day


This 18 July we’ll once again celebrate Mandela Day, a day where people around the world are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing something positive for their communities. Madiba gave South Africans the gift of change; and to honour his legacy, people and organisations across the country use Mandela Day to take action. We invite you to celebrate Mandela Day with Kids Haven by participating in one of our activities.

Contact hello@kidshaven or 011 706 7959, if you need any further information
or have other ideas you would like to discuss with us.

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Let’s all work together to build awareness!

Looking for ideas for 67 minutes for Mandela Day.

  1. Clean out your cupboards and pop OLD CLOTHES into a black bag
  2. Make a DELICIOUS Mac n Cheese meal in a foil roasting dish – you can add some chicken or mince if you like, but the traditional mac n cheese is also ideal.
  3. Bake a batch of 24 CHEESE MUFFINS or another healthy option – we enjoy these for a lunch time treat.
  4. Bake homemade biscuits or crunchies and, if you can, GLAD WRAP them into pairs of biscuits.  We add these to our children’s sandwich pack for school.  It is better if they can be in plastic, foil or baking paper so that they don’t get soggy alongside the sandwich!  It really is the small things that can make a BIG difference!
  5. Take a trip to your local supermarket and make up a food parcel in a fabric shopping bag – even a few key items such as mielie meal, soup powder, soya mince, bars of soap and tinned food can help one of our independent youth make it through another week while they look for work.
  6. Pull out your needles, get some chunky wool and KNIT A BEANIE or a SCARF IN GREY, BLACK OR BROWN wool (sorry for the dull list but these are our school colors!).  Can you knit a scarf in 67 minutes?  That’s impressive!
  7. Pretend you are planning a kids birthday party in those wonderful pre-covid days!  Can you put together large bags of snacks, chips, oros etc. to share on the birthday table?
Change the Story - Ignite a passion for reading

We want to inspire our children to think outside the box and to believe that they can reach the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow nation.  We want to spark their imaginations.  Ignite their passion.  Let them dream in technicolor.  Make them the champions in the story of their own lives, because of – not in spite of – who they are. Our request is not for second hand books.  We want to buy specific relatable books from South African and African publishers only.  Books that will change the story and allow our girls and our boys to be anyone they want to be.

Donate R67 this Mandela Day for a book for Africa by Africans or donate R670 to buy a shelf of ten books.  Your donation of R 6700 will impact our book club project – inspiring a love of reading among our children.  Donate directly to this campaign here:–inspire-extend-relate/ .


Paint a wall panel

Paint a wall panel: Submit your design to paint TWO wall panels in our children’s home.  Add a donation for the paint (all the colours) needed.  A little paint goes a long way!  Each wall panel is a standard precast wall panel consisting of six – eight parallel horizontal pieces.  See picture.  We have 117 wall panels to fill to match the ones we have already.  We will select the best designs – IF possible, you can paint them yourself or else our older children and youth will transfer your pattern onto the wall and we will send you the pictures. 

Fill a real or virtual square

Fill a real or virtual square: Fill one of 67 real or virtual squares with your donation of second hand clothing or donation of food items for food parcels.  We have squares to fill at our Donation Centre in Bryanston or else you can gather your donations together and send us a photo.  We will upload it to our virtual 67 squares and include your logo or your name. 

Pack 67 food parcels

Pack 67 food parcels: Pack 67 food parcels of any size with non-perishable items for our communities in need around our Centre in Benoni.

Get Involved

You can get involved by volunteering, donating money or second hand goods.
If you think your company could help make a difference please contact us.

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