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It's our Birthday - 29 years

13 October 1992

Kids Haven is celebrating our 29th BIRTHDAY on Wednesday, 13th October 2021.  We are proud of the young adult that we are becoming.  

Kids Haven protects and cares for vulnerable children.  We do this for children needing to live in our Centre, but we also help families and communities to protect and care for their own children.  This is the best place for a child to be, but we will step in to provide a home for any child who is not safe or cared for at home. 

This is also the month that young Bheki* celebrates his birthday too.  “I am happy to have my birthday this month and as old as I am, I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday with a special cake and some treats for a few of my friends and me.  I no longer have a mum or dad because they passed away when I was much younger leaving me in the care of my aunty.  Things were okay for a bit, but when I didn’t feel very loved or welcome in her home, I looked to my friends for attention.  It didn’t matter to me if the attention was good or bad.  I felt out of control of myself and eventually my aunty wouldn’t put up with me anymore and I had to leave.  I came to Kids Haven six weeks before my birthday.  I did NOT want to be here but now I am glad that things worked out for me.  I have stayed here for five years already and this will be my sixth birthday celebration.  Kids Haven makes a big fuss of birthdays to remind us that we are special.  I feel much better about my life now and I am planning to stay here to complete my schooling.  I also have a better relationship with my aunty and visit her for holidays.  The best part is that she is pleased to see ME too.  We get along well and we look forward more than backwards these days.” 

We would love you to connect with our social media on Facebook or on Insta where we will share more stories of our memories and our dreams.

Please help us to celebrate this special birthday with all the children in care.  Please make your donation HERE.  We will gladly receive donations of cakes and party treats too.  Feel free to call us on 011 706 7959 or email 

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