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Community Hours

Kids Haven welcomes and appreciates school children wanting to earn community hours and make a difference in the lives of other children. 

You can earn hours in many different ways.  If you need help, email 

  Hours Earned
a) Pre-cook a meal of Macaroni and Cheese to serve 10 children – please make it in a foil roasting container, cover it, label it including the date. 2 hours
b) Bake a large birthday cake to serve 20 children or bake 24 cupcakes for our Birthdays.  2 hours
c) Bake two dozen CHEESE scones or cheese muffins.  2 hours
d) Donate 20 party packs consisting of chips or biscuits, a sweet and cold drink individually packed in party bags, brown bags or plastic bags.  2 hours
e) Donate one large full black bag of clothing.  You can also donate toys or books but please bring a black bag or large box.    1 hour
f) Donate a GROCERY HAMPER consisting of mealie-meal, sugar, rice, beans, jam and soup mix preferably in a reusable shopping bag.  1 hour
g) Knit beanies, scarves, blankets or slippers in school colours of grey, black, brown or red.  1 – 2 hours per item. Discretionary depending on size/quality e.g. blanket earns more hours than a beanie.
h) Donate a TOILETRY hamper of toothpaste, soap, deodorant and body cream inside a drawstring bag or zipped bag.  1 hour
i) Labour – 2 boys for 2 hours per week to clean, repack and sort the Bryanston shed to facilitate the storage of donations  2 hours 
 j) Community Hour volunteers can work directly with the children in the month of August only. Please note the details below;


Volunteering directly with the children living at Kids Haven

Volunteering at the Kids Haven Centre in Benoni with the children is limited to the month of August every year. 

You will need to organise this in advance with

a) Help in the Kids Haven Preschool – 2 people from 9 am – 12pm ONLY  3 hours 

b) Help in the Kids Haven Bridging School at the centre in Benoni – 2 people to present a GEOGRAPHY type lesson for ONE hour to the Bridging School children between 11am – 12pm on any day except a Friday. 

a. The expectation is that one or two volunteers prepare a lesson on a particular country. This must include a short PowerPoint display for projection and possibly a short You Tube clip. Then some discussion about any important things to note about the country followed by an interactive activity – make a craft, learn a game, learn a song or dance, make an easy treat to eat that is typical of the country. 


3 hours 

Participants will earn THREE hours for this task although direct interaction is only for 1 hour. TWO hours are considered PREP time which must be done before coming to Kids Haven. 

Only for school children in Grade 11 or Grade 12, not younger. 


Hosting a small group of children from Kids Haven at your school

a) Sports Coaching Clinic: Kids Haven can bring a group of 21 children, along with two staff, to the host school during the government school holidays or on a Saturday. The volunteers are expected to have planned a morning of sports activities, which include coaching and playing games. This is possible for cricket, soccer, netball and basketball. The goal of the activity is to interact over an enjoyable shared experience where neither group is seen as advantaged or disadvantaged over the other. It must not be a tournament/competition but should bring the children together in shared teams and shared activities, which can culminate in a shared game/competition. The school would be responsible for providing a snack. Kids Haven will provide its own transport. 


Sign off on hours planning and implementing this activity


Group Visits by School children to Kids Haven
Unfortunately, Kids Haven cannot manage groups of school children visiting our centre at once.   


Drop Off Point:

Cakes, dinners, and donations can be dropped off from Monday to Friday between 08h00 – 16h00, and on Saturdays from 09h00 – 14h00.

Contact 011 706 7959 or email if you have any questions

Address:  Kids Haven Donation Centre (Ferreira’s Art Gallery) at 300 Main Road, Bryanston.

Children living in Benoni are welcome to bring their donations to the Centre at 34 – 38 Cranbourne Avenue, Benoni.


Fundraise For Us

Be a part of our family and become a volunteer fundraiser for Kids Haven today!

Fundraising ideas:

  • Host an event; anything from a dinner party to a large scale gala, or a comedy show to a fashion show. As long as people are having fun and parting with money, you have hosted a successful event!
  • Collect donations from guests in lieu of a gift at your next celebration or donate to Kids haven on behalf of a loved one. 
  • Host a cake sale at work, everyone loves something yummy to eat! Or a book sale!
  • Host a community or company sports event. 
  • Host a silent auction. 

There are endless opportunities to fundraise and help care for our children!

 Call Angela on +27 (0) 11 706-7959 or email 

Give As You Shop

Join our MY SCHOOL card initiative and support Kids Haven while you shop – 

You can support up to three organizations and/or schools with one card.  It does not cost you anything to have a My School Card.


Leave a Legacy

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to Kids Haven.

Including Kids Haven in your Will is a special gift that will safeguard the future of our programs and deliver the benefits of our services to thousands of children for years to come. We rely on your support to continue to provide care and protection to children with street connections!

If you already have a Will, you can make a minor change or addition with your attorney or trustee. 

You can include Kids Haven in your Will by:

  • Specifying a specific monetary value or a percentage of your estate; 
  • Allocating the residue, or percentage of the remainder of your estate after distribution of your bequests to loved ones has been distributed; 
  • Bequeathing real estate, shares, collections, assets, insurance policies and annuities. 


Sponsor a Child

You can make a valuable difference to Kids Haven through a REGULAR monthly donation.  You can choose ANY amount such as R100 a month or anything that you can reliably afford to donate on an ongoing basis.  A regular monthly gift is a powerful donation – you can join in with others making their contributions every month and collectively Kids Haven receives greater help.  This reliable income is very useful and we are able to budget and plan when we can rely on our friends’ help every month.  We use these donations mainly for maintenance, fuel, electricity and the many monthly bills we must pay which bigger donors call ‘running costs’.  

Breakdown of costs of taking care of a child 

After funding we have a gap of  around R1526 every month per child that we need to raise in order to take care of our children. These funds include payment for:

  • Food: R465 per month per child – thanks to donations of food items that bolster our pantry otherwise it would definitely be higher.
  • Education: R218 per month per child – inclusive of fees (if payable), uniform, books, and sundries. 
  • Transport: R387 per child per month

In addition we have to raise funds for the following costs: 

  • Pre-care is R 284 per child per month 
  • Crèche is R 405 per child per month
  • Aftercare is R558 per person per month


Whether by volunteering your time, money, or even your birthday, there are so many ways to help Kids Haven take care of our children. Whatever your skills and experience, and however much time you can offer, we have a volunteering opportunity for you – you can make a real difference. 


  • Homework support on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday only. Times are from 3:30 – 5pm only and take place at the Centre or the Village. Contact
  • Charity Shop volunteers to help on the shop floor of the charity shops between 11am and 1 pm on any week day. Contact
  • Company Volunteering Days. i.e. when a Company sends staff to volunteer for a designated time on a designated day. This always takes place in Benoni. Contact
    • Must be booked 5 days in advance and can only take place once a month on a Friday. This means only 12 visits per year.
  • Company interaction Days. Accompanying children from Kids Haven going out on outings. Contact 
    • Kids Haven welcomes the opportunity to send our children on outings arranged by Companies.
    • Kids Haven can send 21 children and 2 staff plus a driver. Kids Haven will provide transport.
    • This can take place on a Saturday or during school holidays.
  • Professional Students needing to do practical work. Contact 
    • CCW, ECD, Social work and any interns for business admin etc.
  • International Volunteers. Contact
    • Kids Haven only has space for four international volunteers at a time. 


  • Fundraising volunteers are required to help raise funds for Kids Haven. Contact 
  • Join our event volunteering squad. 
    • We need volunteers who can help out at our Company Activation Days across Johannesburg. You will be required to attend briefings at various companies to brief them on the work that Kids Haven does, build awareness, raise funds, and collect donations. 
    • We need volunteers who can manage our participation in various events such as the MTN 702 Walk The Talk, and the Discovery 94,7 Cycle Challenge. 
    • We need volunteers who can manage our annual Golf Day including sponsors and securing prizes and more. 

More Ways You Can Help

  • Give At Work: Pledge a tax deductible donation through your employer’s payroll system. 
  • Fundraise for Kids Haven: Start a personal fundraising campaign through by celebrating your birthday, running/cycling a race, or other special occasion. 
  • Downsizing or clearing out? We need your treasures! Kids Haven has a number of charity shops where we sell everything from books to furniture, and clothes to children’s toys. We would appreciate any second hand good that you may have to donate. 


  1. No volunteers earn stipends.
  2. No volunteers can receive travel expenses or fares.
  3. Regular volunteers may only volunteer at Kids Haven once a week. This is advised by Labournet or it is considered employment.
  4. No volunteers may ever give items directly to children e.g. handover of party packs etc. Kids Haven will distribute any items.
  5. No volunteers to come on a Sunday.