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Sponsor a child at formal school

We need YOUR help to sponsor one child to attend formal school in 2021.

There are usually between 105 and 114 children in formal schooling depending on the total number of children in our care.  Kids Haven makes every effort to match the most suitable school to the child’s needs.  This means using 21 different schools across Benoni, including primary schools, high schools, inner city schools, ‘suburb’ schools and township schools.  A child may be enrolled in the school closest to his family so that when he is reunified, he is already part of the local school.  A child without documents may need to attend an inner city ‘private’ school, and we also need to find the right school for children who favour one language over another or have special learning needs.  This means that Kids Haven PAYS school fees to guarantee placement – always at the most discounted rate that we can negotiate.

Kids Haven also provides school uniforms, text books, backpacks, stationery and uses our own bus to get to and from school.  We are on the school governing bodies of at least 3 of the schools that our children attend.  We are responsible and responsive ‘parents’ who do what we can to support our local schools and encourage every child to be proud of their school.

We need your help to cover these costs for some of our children.  Historically we received support from past international volunteers but the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that they can no longer afford to help us in this way.  We are worried about meeting our school bills this year.

If you’d like to help and be a part of educating a child, please consider donating today.

You can donate a once-off amount, pledge a monthly donation, or perhaps your company or small group can sponsor a child’s entire school fees for the year.

Take a look at some of our wonderful scholars that we need support for.

Please contact Lindiwe at or call her on 011 421 4222 to find out more.

Get Involved

You can get involved by volunteering, donating money or second hand goods.
If you think your company could help make a difference please contact us.

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