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#7Colours for Christmas Lunch

Help to put #7Colours onto a child’s plate this Christmas

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Imagine eating a Rainbow this Christmas!

Traditionally, families across different cultures in our melting pot society ALL enjoy a #7Colour meal to mark birthdays and special events.  Some people even say it is like “Eating the rainbow”.  A traditional #7Colour meal is a beautiful colourful HEALTHY plate of meat, rice or potato, and lots and lots of lovely bright colourful vegetables – spinach, butternut, broccoli, beetroot, cabbage…Your plate needs to be a wonderful rainbow mix of colours.

Please help Kids Haven to support our families in the community to celebrate Christmas 2021.  We work directly with vulnerable families who struggle to have enough to eat every month.  We are already encouraging home based gardens among 410 families but do provide an average of 103 food parcels monthly feeding 450 family members.  This Christmas we want to provide a food voucher specifically so that the family can have a celebratory #7Colour meal on Christmas Day.  Please help us with your donation of R70 per meal.

It costs R70 to prepare a #7Colours plate for a child.  You can choose how many plates to sponsor – most of our families in the community are an average of four people although we do have some families with nine and eleven members, including grandparents and cousins. 

#7Colours is a celebration of all the GOOD family values and human connections that we all need, especially now.


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7 Colours

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