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Kids Haven is in Benoni, in the Ekurhuleni Metro in Gauteng.  The Organization has two sites in Benoni.

The center accommodates older boys age 12+ and is next door to our administration building and community preschool in Cranbourne Avenue in Benoni town.

We have six houses sharing a common garden in the nearby suburb of Mackenzie Park North.  Our younger children and older girls live here.


The centre was started by Moira Simpson, a Benoni resident and qualified social worker, in October 1992 as a response to increasing numbers of children on the streets of Benoni and the violent deaths of two street children. Before she formally established the centre, Moira had been feeding and counselling children on the streets, but she knew that they needed to get off the streets before real healing could begin.


Our mission is to reach children in need, especially those without parental care, in providing shelter, protection, education, training and therapy. Our encouragement results in positive inclusion for discarded, neglected and abused children.


Kids Haven is dedicated to the care and protection of vulnerable children, including those with street connections, to support meaningful inclusion in society.


There are three Pillars of Care at Kids Haven.

Pre-care aims to prevent family breakdown and to strengthen communities to support their own children and families. Pre-care extends to outreach on the streets, a soup kitchen, and the community preschool.

In-care is the full 24/7/365 care and protection of up to 172 children and youth who live at Kids Haven. Children attend school and participate in many activities.  While they live here we try to reconnect families with their children under supervision.  Our intention is to reunite families.

After-care is the ongoing care to children now reunified with their families or youth living independently in their communities. 


Kids Haven is a registered not for profit company, not profit organisation, and public benefit organisation that complies with principles of good governance so that the organisation runs in a transparent, effective and efficient manner. There is a Board of Directors and an executive management committee.

NPC: 2000/008607/08 

NPO: 004-661   

PBO: 13 00 00 458  


As a registered Child and Youth Care Centre, Kids Haven qualifies for a grant from the Department of Social Development. The grant provides some basic funding for residential beneficiaries (In-Care only) with a top-up payment for two social workers and one auxiliary social worker.  

 Kids Haven relies on donor funding to meet the real costs of caring for children and providing everything that they need while In-Care. Donor funding is essential for pre-care and after-care. 

Sustainability through enterprise

Kids Haven has a charity shop to enable us to cover costs in a more sustainable way. 

Kids Haven receives many donations of second-hand goods. Our first priority is to keep what we need for our children and to improve the organisation. After that, we keep some items for community needs and we sell the excess donations through our charity shop.

There is one shop at our Centre at 34 Cranbourne Avenue, Benoni and a second shop at The Victorian Secret Bakery at 140 Woburn Avenue, Benoni.   

One hundred percent of the income raised through the charity shop returns into Kids Haven to cover the operating costs of the organisation as a whole. The sorting of the donations and shop sales provides employment for 12 staff. 

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