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March 2024

Fighting for the rights of our children

Monthly news from Kids Haven

The right to an identity is critical – it is the right that brings all rights!

 The destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities. – Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Kids Haven team is celebrating a victory that is apt for this Human Rights Day month. Recently a family with five children received word that they had all been officially documented, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Kids Justice team. This is a major win because for years their rights have been denied due to not having any official documentation. Shiluva Manyike, a social worker at Kids Haven, has been involved in the case and says it has been a struggle registering them at school every year. One child was refused entry into school last year and another was even kept back a year because of this issue. “Now they have applied for a child support grant and all the children are in school. If they want to participate in sports, they are free do so because they have documentation showing proof of birth and so on. Without documentation, these children were prevented from accessing the right to education and were not recognised as citizens. The sky is the limit for them now and their future is secure. They will be able to complete Matric and go onto further studies and work opportunities as South African citizens. None of this would have been possible without their late birth registration.  DNA tests and interviews had to take place to prove their citizenship. We are so thrilled with this outcome,” she says.

This is why Kids Haven’s Kids Justice team is so critical. The team has undergone training to understand the pathways to citizenship and how to gather the necessary documentation to prove relationship. Kids Haven is assisted by a children’s rights attorney, and partners in legal resource centres.

“We see citizenship as a key component of child safety or protection. Without a document you are invisible. Being invisible means you are most likely not to realise your rights – the right to protection, right to health, right to education, right to work, right to social support. All these rights are critical for your well-being. Without these rights, you are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and hardship – even illiteracy, no healthcare, and no work,” says Shiluva.

Fake marriage infringes on woman’s rights

Imagine finding you are married to a complete stranger? Well, this is what happened to a woman who was a previous Incare child at Kids Haven. Shiluva Manyike, a social worker at Kids Haven, shares the story:

‘This woman, who is mentally challenged, was cared for at Kids Haven as a child and left Kids Haven in 2000 at the age of 18 to live on her own. She received her ID in 2008 and in 2016 had a baby girl. When she tried to register her daughter, she discovered the records showed that she was married. This was a huge shock of course. She recently approached Kids Haven to assist and the team is now on the case. We have managed to track down the alleged husband and his real wife and it’s a case of duplicated identity numbers. This is having a major impact on her life because she has a surname of someone she doesn’t know. She can’t apply for a birth certificate for her daughter and she can’t go to a clinic. She has to be assessed in order to qualify for a disability grant but needs the consent of her alleged husband to do so. It’s been a nightmare for her.

But the Kids Justice team has made good progress and we are hopeful for a positive outcome soon. So far, we have applied for the marriage to be dissolved and an investigation is underway. An appointment has been made for the authorities to meet with the alleged husband. We will continue to follow up until this has been resolved. We will advocate on her behalf until her human rights are being honoured. Like all of us, she deserves the right to protection and care.’

Teens head to Constitutional Hill

Our teens headed to Constitutional Hill on Human Rights Day and had a heart- and eye-opening experience. Here’s what a few had to say about the visit:

“As humans we need to use our rights to live, to have a safe place to live, a right to vote and to do what we need to for the country. It was sad to see photos of children being killed for problems that are not theirs around the world.”

“My experience was that I learned of many different cultures and many different countries that are suffering from human rights violations.”

“I learned about Turkey. For many years there was a president that did not allow the people to vote for another president. They could not use their right to vote.”

“I learned about The Nakba when 700 000 Palestinians were violently expropriated from their land and property in 1948.”

“I learned about the United Nations Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer and how he expressed serious concern about the rising allegations of torture and other ill treatment of people in the custody of the Turkish police.”

Fikile Manana, the programme manager at Kids Haven responsible for children’s rights, says it was a good day out for the children. “It is great for our teens to experience not only a historical site in our country but also to be exposed to what has and is happening in the world around them. They all learned much from the day,” she says.

Help keep the chill away

That sneaky chill in the air means winter is on its way and we are calling on our amazing community to help keep our children snuggled up and warm.

Here are some in-demand items:

  • Tracksuits, jackets, socks, sneakers and long pyjamas for all children ages 3 to 20.
  • Jockey underpants size Medium for older boys ages 13-20.
  • Dressing gowns for small boys (age 3-12) and girls (age 3-20).
  • Closed slippers for boys and girls – kiddies size 12 to adult size 6.
  • Long sleeve vests for boys ages 3-12 and girls ages 3-13.
  • Hot chocolate and milo
  • Cremora
  • Cup a soup
  • Tablespoons
  • Toiletries

If you could help with donating these items or making a monetary donation we would so appreciate it. Please contact Connie on or drop off at one of centres:

34 – 38 Cranbourne Ave
TEL: +27 (011) 421 4222 or WhatsApp 0693458034

Shop 24, Cramerview Village Shopping Centre, 277 Main Road, Bryanston
TEL: +27 (011) 706 7959 or WhatsApp 071 860 0505 to reach us
Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm daily
Saturdays – 9am – 2pm

Can you sponsor a prize for our Golf Day?

Our annual Golf Day takes place later in the year and we are looking for prizes for all our players. If you could assist with any items or vouchers we would be most grateful. Items such as shirts, wine, umbrellas, meal vouchers, 4-ball vouchers, holiday getaways, non-perishable food items for hampers, are all well-received. We will gladly come and collect or you can drop them off at our offices in Benoni or Bryanston. Please contact Connie on; +27 (011) 706 7959 or WhatsApp 071 860 0505. Many thanks for your support.

If you are keen to join us with a Fourball, please let Susan know on

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