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September 2023

Kids Justice – why kids must be documented

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Mother of 7 is documented at last

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity .”
— Nelson Mandela

Lindiwe (not her real name), a mother of seven children living in Daveyton, lost her mother several years ago leaving Lindiwe with no birth certificate or Identity Document (ID). Lindiwe contacted Kids Haven’s Kids Justice department asking for help because her children were undocumented too and couldn’t get into school. She was also afraid that if she passed away her children would have no home because it wasn’t registered in her mother’s name.

Shiluva Manyike, a social worker at Kids Haven, took on the case and today Lindiwe has a birth certificate and has applied for her ID. “It was a lengthy and involved process but we are so pleased for Lindiwe that she is now documented and can get her children documented too,” says Shiluva.

She explains that the Kids Justice team managed to track down Lindiwe’s maternal aunt who agreed to assist with the process. “However, when she was contacted for a third time to attend a panel interview scheduled by the Department of Home Affairs she did not show up. I went to speak to the manager who allowed me to sit in the panel interview as her next of kin. The interview on 24 August 2023 was successful. She collected her birth certificate on 1 September and applied for an ID. She will then start a process of applying for birth certificates for her children, as well as registering her mother’s house into her name.”

This is one of many success stories coming out of Kids Justice.

Kids Justice – what it’s all about and how you can help

The key reason for Kids Justice and our efforts to get documents is that we see citizenship as a key component of child safety or protection. Without a document (birth certificate or ID) you are invisible. Being invisible means you are most likely not to realise your rights – the right to protection, right to health, right to education, right to work, right to social support. All these rights are critical for your well-being. Without these rights, you are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and hardship – even illiteracy, no healthcare, and no work.

People hear about the programme through word of mouth and will come to Kids Haven needing help with documentation. Shiluva Manyike, a social worker at Kids Haven, says the first question asked is whether they have been to Home Affairs and what the response was. “I ask this question because I cannot overrule decisions made by Home Affairs. We work closely with Home Affairs and have built a healthy working relationship. We need the requirements and a referral from Home Affairs to go to the National Health Laboratories for DNA testing if this is needed to determine parentage.”

“We ask if they are working and how much they are earning so that we can determine by a means test if they can afford to pay the whole amount or portion of the amount required for a DNA test. We facilitate the whole process until the child or adult is documented.”

Kids Haven covers the transport cost for those who are not able to afford the fare. There is as a lot of travelling throughout the process. We verify the documents and book a DNA test. We then travel to do the DNA test and have to check for the DNA results. Clients also have to travel from their homes to Home Affairs for the late registration of birth application process, interview process, and documentation collection.

How you can help

  • Donations towards transport money are much appreciated.
  • Donations towards covering the costs of an ID/birth certificate reprint: ID is R140.00 and birth certificate is R75.00

Fake birth certificates replaced for four Incare kids

Four siblings were welcomed into residence at Kids Haven in 2019. Their mother is from another country and they arrived with fake birth certificates. The Kids Justice team went to the embassy in Pretoria and enquired about the legitimacy of the birth certificates. The embassy verified that the papers were fake. The team then took the children to the embassy and correct birth certificates were issued. They are now documented.   

Many thanks to our incredible team:

  • Shiluva Manyike – Precare social worker
  • John Twishime – Aftercare officer
  • Farayi Masimo – Incare social worker
  • Xolelwa Mnyaka – Incare social auxiliary worker
  • Sam Mokgopha – Kids Haven CEO
  • Tebogo Moeketsi – Senior social worker

Thank you Panado Cares!

Kids Haven recently received a wonderful gift from the Panado Cares team. Check out this video featuring our very own fundraiser, Khethiwe Zwane-Mnyanda.


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