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Mandela Day 18 July 2022 - Your 67 minutes

“Our Children are our Greatest Treasure”  Nelson Mandela

This Monday, 18th July 2022, is known all over the world as Mandela Day – honouring Nelson Mandela’s birthday.  This Day is set aside for everyone to do something for someone else as an act of service and goodwill.  Also known as 67 minutes of service, the suggestion is that every person uses 67 minutes of their day on the 18th to give generously of their own time and make a difference in the life of someone else.  The 67 minutes is a reference to Nelson Mandela’s collective 67 years of focus on justice, equality and human rights for all.

Can we encourage you to give your 67” to Kids Haven?  These precious minutes will add a smile to every child living here. 

Join us in person for the first time in two long Covid years.  We are enjoying games and activities at our Centre in Benoni, and you are welcome to pop in throughout the day.  Our address is 34 Cranbourne Avenue, Benoni.  Come and see our home, meet our kids, meet the staff, and have some fun for your 67 minutes.  Chat to if you want a special task for the day.

Living in Johannesburg, especially north of Joburg?  Visit our drop-off centre at 300 Main Road, Bryanston.  We would gladly meet you and tell you more about daily life at Kids Haven.  Please use your 67 minutes to clear out your cupboards to bring a bag of clothing for children and adults.

Do you have time to read?    Do your kids have picture books?  We have 200 youth busy training in early childhood development.  They will use your donation of story books to share with young children in Daveyton and Wattville.  We gladly receive adult books which we can sell in our book fairs in Benoni.

Or take a trip to the supermarket on the 18th and create a food hamper or toiletry hamper in no time at all.  You can help a vulnerable family have enough food for the whole month this July.  We are also handing out toiletries to our fifty girls who meet every week at our safe space to talk about gender-based violence.  Receiving a bag of deodorant, toothpaste, soap, body cream and sanitary pads shares dignity and care to these young teenagers.

Needing to spend the day on the go – hardly a break for one minute let alone 67?  Not a problem.  The solution is in your hands – download the Secure Express APP from your App Store and book a ride anytime from Saturday until Monday evening this week.  Give the driver your bag of used clothing or food hamper or toys and he will bring it along to Kids Haven for you.  AND you get R200 credit off the price of your journey – credited back to you to use whenever you have time.  That is a great deal for you and for Kids Haven. 

Pushed for time but keen to help – stay where you are and click through to our page heredonate to brighten up the homes of the children, making sure everything opens and shuts as it should.  We will also use our 67 minutes to send you a tax receipt so that you get a little back from SARS – the best gift of all!

Lastly – are you ready to make these 67 minutes add kindness for a whole year?  Is it time to make the decision to become a Friend to Kids Haven and pledge a monthly donation of your choice?  Find our secure online form here or set up your repeat EFT.  Your 67 minutes in July 2022 will impact a life forever.  And you get tax back in your pocket.

Thank you for finding the time to do a good deed this Mandela Day.  It won’t go unnoticed. 

Kind regards

Kids Haven