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While it seems as though our whole world is paused, the months have continued to roll by and here we are heading into JULY and into our most valuable day of the year – Mandela Day.  Traditionally, (in that other life before Covid-19…) we loved hosting visitors in our home and involving our children in wonderful activities.  Our staff love the day and bask in all of the compliments and good wishes from our visitors. 

Sadly July 2020 has to be different but we are relying on YOU to make it just as special.

Will YOU or your Company still offer 67 minutes of service in 2020 – either on Friday, 17 July or on Saturday, 18 July?  We have a few ideas that are easy to do and continue to promote the ideals behind Mandela Day of service to others while fighting poverty and promoting peace and reconciliation.

Inspire Extend Relate – Change the Story 

Our biggest drive this year is to raise funds to BUY new books for our children.  But not just any books- we want to inspire our children to find themselves as the heroes of these stories. 

Children and young people who look like them, speak like them, stories with the warmth of the African sun.  We want to buy African books written by African authors, and even in African languages. 

Click on–inspire-extend-relate/  and make your donation of R 67 to buy a local book with a local hero to open up a world of possibility to our children and youth.


Stake your claim to your Square of Support
We have real and virtual squares to fill with donations of second hand clothing, food, blankets and toiletries.  

  • Fill your real square at the Kids Haven Donation Centre at 300 Main Road, Bryanston and we will take a photo to upload to our website on the day. 
  • If you can’t make it to our Centre, send us a photo of your donation where you are with your Company logo or members of your family and we will add you into our big picture.  We are happy to collect your donation during the next week.

All these photographs will make up one BIG virtual square showing your support this Mandela Day.

Take the 67 minute challenge and see if you can GET IT DONE in time

  • Make a DELICIOUS Mac n Cheese meal in a foil roasting dish – you can add some chicken or mince if you like, but the traditional mac n cheese is also ideal.
  • Bake a batch of 24 CHEESE MUFFINS or another healthy option – we enjoy these for a lunch time treat.
  • Bake a barrel of biscuits and, if you can, GLAD WRAP them into pairs of biscuits.  We add these to our children’s sandwich pack for school.  It is better if they can be in plastic, foil or baking paper so that they don’t get soggy alongside the sandwich!  It really is the small things that can make a BIG difference!
  • Take a trip to your local supermarket and make up a food parcel in a fabric shopping bag – even a few key items such as mielie meal, soup powder, soya mince, bars of soap and tinned food can help one of our independent youth make it through another week while they look for work.
  • Pull out your needles, get some chunky wool and KNIT A BEANIE OR A SCARF IN GREY, BLACK OR BROWN wool (sorry for the dull list but these are our school colors!).  Can you knit a scarf in 67 minutes.  That’s impressive!
  • Pretend you are planning a kids birthday party in those wonderful pre-covid days!  Can you put together 20 party bags with a sweet, small bag of chips, a box juice and anything else that turns a bag into a PARTY bag?  Top it all off with 20 bright serviettes and we will have a party organized in 67 minutes!

TakePlease visit our website at: for more ideas and to see our virtual squares filling up.

And lastly, we have a beautiful FACEBOOK FRAME for you to highlight your profile picture for Mandela Day 2020.  Simply click on your own profile picture and again on the little camera icon that appears.  Agree to add frame and search for Kids Haven Mandela Day 2020 and add.  You will be showing your support and spreading our name a little wider in these three short steps.

Thank you for playing your part to protect and care for children this Mandela Day 2020.  It means so much to us,


PS – Please don’t forget to make a donation of R 67 to Change the Story for our children….

Get Involved

You can get involved by volunteering, donating money or second hand goods.
If you think your company could help make a difference please contact us.

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