Bryanston 011 706 7959, Benoni 011 421 4222 |NPC: 2000/008607/08 | NPO: 004-661 | PBO: 13 00 00 458

Kids Haven appreciates NEW and SECOND HAND donations to meet our needs.  We can collect your donations.

Second hand clothing for children

Second hand clothing for adults


Toys and books

Household items like ornaments, cutlery and crockery and pictures 

Linen and towels

Furniture, including large appliances and small appliances like sandwich toasters, kettles and irons.  These need to be in good working order.

Grey shorts for school

Grey long trousers for school

Grey and white school socks

A4 copier paper for school supplies.  Many of our children attend schools who call for each child to bring copier paper to the school for printing

Pritt Glue Sticks

Blue Pens


*Pack a Sack*

Would you like to host a pack a sack collection at your office or school?  

Decide on a week or two week period to tell your colleagues and classmates about the pack a sack campaign.  Kids Haven can provide brochures and graphics.

Encourage everyone to bring in their second hand donations (in black bags) during these days.

Chat to or 0117067959 for more information.



Kids Haven sorts the donations and uses the best of the best for what we need for the children and for our households.

We sell excess donations in the Kids Haven charity shop to generate income for the Organization’s running costs.

We also share donations with other community based organizations, and directly to our community clients in our precare and aftercare programmes.